Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Vampiric Fashion: "The Dream Boy"

     For this post, I decided to create an outfit based off an actual scene from Vampiric. Hope you like it!
The Dream Boy"

     First, I started with this pretty fur coat that I pictured Elena wearing in this scene. The Hamilton de Castro women sure love their fur coats! Next, I chose a geeky graphic tee skirt based of Bade's generally geeky personality and a watch that looks kinda like the one Elena gives him. Then, I added a ruffly skirt, color-blocked tights, demented lace booties, and, to top it all off, geeky glasses that look exactly like the pair that Bade wears.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Vampiric: Scene Four "The Dream Boy"


“The Dream Boy”

(Setting: ELENA’s bedroom. 37 years later.)

(At Rise: ELENA is sitting on her bed at Center, reading. BADE is outside her window, tapping on the glass.)

ELENA: (not looking up) I’m not letting you in.

BADE: Please? I just want to talk.

ELENA: (looking up) What is there to talk about, Bade? You’re sick of me, and I understand that. What more is there to say?

BADE: Is that what you thought I was going to say? Elle, I--

ELENA: Oh, Bade, what were you going to say yesterday? Please, enlighten me!

BADE: I was going to say that I was falling in love with you! That I thought about you everyday, and that I wouldn’t even think about looking at any other girl. I’m not exactly the smartest, the richest, the most handsome, most athletic, but I could make you happy if I tried! So, what do you say?

ELENA: (pause) That was very sweet, but if my dad saw you here, he’d probably shoot you!

(BADE gives her the puppy-dog eyes)

ELENA: (pause) Oh, alright! Come in.

(ELENA opens the window, letting BADE in.)

BADE: Thanks. It was getting cold out there.

ELENA: It’s awful out there! All that snow!

BADE: I know!

ELENA: I love sitting in front of the fire on nights like this, with a cup of hot cocoa.

BADE: Me, too.

ELENA: And my parents singing ‘Baby, it’s cold outside’ and ‘Let it Snow’. There’s just something about the way their voices just (pause) fit together. It’s like (pause) like they're made for each other and only for each other, but anyway, Dion and I sitting around the white plastic Christmas tree, opening gifts. Even my parents’ anniversary is on Christmas Eve. (pause) Wait, I thought it was September?

(BADE smiles mischievously)

ELENA: (gasps) You little vixen! You made it winter so I would let you in sooner!

BADE: Hey, don’t go blaming me. It’s your dream, honey!

(ELENA kisses BADE)

BADE: I love you, Elle.

ELENA: (surprised) I love you too. (beat) I got something for you. (hands BADE a box)

BADE: (opens box) Oh, Elle, it’s beautiful. I love it, but how could you afford this?

ELENA: It’s my dream, remember?

BADE: But seriously, Elle. A Cartier watch? Isn’t that a bit much?

ELENA: Nothing’s too much for you, gorgeous.

BADE: But Elle--

ELENA: (puts finger on BADE’s mouth) Stop worrying. In my world, giving people gifts is one of the many ways you tell someone you appreciate them, and I appreciate you.

(ELENA and BADE kiss)


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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Vampiric: Scene Three "Changeling"



(Setting: A graveyard. 37 years ago.)

(At Rise: ELISABETH and HUNTER gather around a grave.)

HUNTER: Elisabeth, are you sure you want to do this? Don’t you want it to happen naturally?

ELISABETH: It can’t happen naturally, and you know it. I have to take matters into my own hands. Now dig! Se dépêcher!

HUNTER: (digs into grave) What ever happened to ‘I don’t care who Katerina marries as long as she’s happy’? Do you really have to use your witchy voodoo to poof her up a suitor?

ELISABETH: Yes, yes I do, because the Greats refuse to match her up themselves because of the risk of the child being an imbalance of power. As long as Annabel de Castro isn’t a mermaid and we don’t dig up the bones of an incubus, we’ll be fine. And besides, Katerina deserves--

HUNTER: --nothing but perfection, and you will die to make sure she has it, I know.

(SFX: a shovel hitting a wooden coffin.)

ELISABETH: Yes! Hunter, help me pull it out.

(HUNTER and ELISABETH pull out coffin and open it. ELISABETH takes a bone and puts it by the cauldron)

ELISABETH: Finally! I have everything I need.

HUNTER: What about the hand?

ELISABETH: Oh, I got the hand. William?

(WILL enters Left and walks toward ELISABETH in a daze.)

WILL: Yes, Mrs. Hamilton?

HUNTER: (looks WILL over) Where did you get him?

ELISABETH: He’s one of my students. (turns to WILL) Give me your hand. (takes WILL’s hand) This may hurt just a little. (rips off WILL’s hand and sets it by the cauldron. ELISABETH pulls a new hand from his sleeve) Now leave, and tonight never happened.

(WILL exits Left in a daze)

ELISABETH: Now let’s start. (walks over to cauldron) Dwbl, dwbl, llafur a helynt, tân yn llosgi a pair swigen!

(cauldron boils over)

HUNTER: Are you sure you know how to do this?

ELISABETH: I’ve done this a thousand times, Hunter. Have faith in me. (grabs bone) The bone of the father, so he may walk among mortals (drops bone into cauldron). (grabs a lock of hair) The hair of the mother, to keep for himself or to give to others (drops hair into the cauldron). (grabs WILL’s severed hand) The hand of his teacher, his guardian, his overseer (drops hand into cauldron). (takes knife) And finally, the blood of his soulmate’s mother, to tailor him into a divine image (cuts herself and scrapes the blood into the cauldron). Dewch plentyn hwn yn fyw i mi!

(SFX: thunder and lightning. Cauldron is boiling over, smoking, and flashing multiple colors.)

ELISABETH: Don’t you just love it, Hunter? The feel of the magic coursing through your veins? The sound of thunder and lightning as your power shrouds your entire being? The exhilaration of knowing you can do absolutely anything? That no matter how much they beat you, you’ll feel no pain. The thrill of seeing all the colors fly. Feeling like there is no one more powerful than you are. The glorious feeling that you can never die!

HUNTER: Um, I’m scared, actually.

(SFX: baby crying.)

ELISABETH: (grabs baby from cauldron) He’s perfect. You’re name is (beat) Barrett Moses. May the family that adopt you be very lucky indeed.

HUNTER: Ehmagawd, his eyes are yellow!

ELISABETH: He’s a changeling, you pinhead! They’ll turn either brown or hazel as he gets older. Let’s get him to the orphanage.

HUNTER: Hopefully he’s adopted by a good family. Maybe he’ll be adopted by some nice Shadowpeople.


Scary, isn't it?

Fashionable Fiction: Elena Hamilton de Castro

     Here's our fourth installment of Vampiric fashion. This time, it's about Dion's crazy sister, Elena:
Elena Hamilton de Castro

     First, I found a green collared shirt. Next, I added an Egyptian print tie. Then, I added a turquoise high-low hem skirt. Lastly, I added red bow booties, a purple top hat, a yellow bracelet, and a pink ring (SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) that l feel looks better than a ring made out of bubble gum wrappers.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Vampiric: Scene 2 "Mythology...I Think"


“Mythology...I Think”

(Setting: Mr. Lehrer’s classroom. 10 minutes later.)

(At Rise: ABBY is sitting at a desk, writing. STUDENTS are mumbling to each other. ELENA is talking to KARA.)

ABBY: Dear Diary, the weirdest and greatest thing happened to me on my way to class. It was just after I stopped my last entry. Okay, so I’m on my way to class, right? Well, this really cute guy bumped into me and sent my papers and books flying everywhere. I was just about to grab you when he reached for you at the same time and (beat) our hands touched. I sorta felt a teeny-weeny spark between us. I know, I know, I’m such a romantic, but it’s true! But then, after I introduced myself and we started shaking hands, it started thundering out! The lights were turning on and off and on and off, the windows flew open, really strong winds were swirling around, and all the students were running around like chickens with their heads cut off! (beat) It was so cool! His name’s Dion. He has really big blue eyes, (beat) or are they grey? Green? I don’t know, some combination of the three.

(MR. LEHRER enters Right)

ABBY: Uh, oh. Time for class! (puts diary away)

MR. LEHRER: (writes Cyrano Zaman Lehrer on the board) Cyrano Zaman Lehrer. The male name Cyrano was possibly derived from the name of the ancient Greek city of Cyrene, which was located in North Africa. Edmond Rostand also used this name in his play Cyrano de Bergerac in 1897. He based his character upon a real person, Savinien Cyrano de Bergerac, a French satirist of the 17th century. And Zaman means time, age, or era in Arabic. Lehrer is a German surname meaning teacher, which works out for me. Anyway, I’m Mr. Lehrer, and I’m your GLLU teacher. Anyone want to know ahead of time what we will be learning about?

(ABBY raises hand)

MR. LEHRER: Yes, Miss Carter?

ABBY: Can you give us an example of a leader we will be learning about?

MR. LEHRER: Sure, Abby. I love answering this question. This one woman that we will be learning about in the coming weeks was a dear friend of mine before (beat) her untimely death. Her name was Elisabeth Hamilton. Yes, the Hamilton in Hamilton de Castro, the surname of our two (beat) stars on the rise. Born Elisabeth Arlette Marseille on April 22, 1338 in Marseille, France, does anyone know how old she would be if she were alive today?

(ALL STUDENTS raise hands)

MR. LEHRER: Okay, lets see, hmmm. (beat) How about you, Miss Martinez?

KARA: six hundred and ninety four years old.

MR. LEHRER: Yes. That’s correct, Kara. Her parents died in the Black Plague, but she survived because of what?

(ELENA raises hand)

MR. LEHRER: Yes, Miss Hamilton de Castro?

ELENA: the Blood Transformation.

MR. LEHRER: Correct. Would you care to explain what that is?

ELENA: Certainly. The Blood Transformation is when you have Gallagher blood in your system and you die, turning into a Gallagher. Or a faux Gallagher, to be more precise about it.

MR. LEHRER: Yes, Elena, but the Blood Transformation doesn’t only apply to a faux Gallagher. When someone who has a close biological relation to a Gallagher, it’s just the same. Either that, or you're born one. That’s what most of you had. But anyway, back to Lis. She spent centuries traveling around the world, staying forever as a twenty-something. Christopher Columbus was one of her first courtships, you know. But, soon, she will be haunted by visions of a man. The man she will marry. It’s quite the tragedy, really, for she even knew the date, time, and even the weather on the day that she would be violently murdered. In the early 1990’s, her vision of the man comes true. His name is Phillip Hamilton, a normie.

(All gasp)

MR. LEHRER: Are you done?

(All nod)

MR. LEHRER: Very well. As I was saying, they were married in 1992, and had their first and only daughter, Katerina, in 1994. Like all mothers, she wanted her daughter to be safe and happy. But one thing she wanted for her--the thing that she would eventually die to get for her--was love. So she...(looks at clock) Oh, how time goes fast! It’s time for your next class! See you all tomorrow!

(All except ABBY leaves. She picks up diary and starts writing)

ABBY: Dear Diary, I think I got more than I bargained for when I applied for a scholarship here. Let’s just say, this place is big on mythology.


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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fashionable Fiction: Hunter Jade Lannon & Dion Hamilton de Castro

     For this installment of Fashionable Fiction, I decided to do two of the characters introduced on Vampiric. Here's some more fashion inspired by the characters of Vampiric. Enjoy!

Outfit Inspiration

Hunter Jade Lannon

     Hunter is basically Elisabeth's lackey; she practically worships her! She left her family and friends behind to train to be a witch from the very best, Elisabeth Hamilton.
      I started with a military vest that just screamed Hunter. Next, I added a blue lace dress that she would totally wear. Then, I put on black knee socks, some Converse, and a turband, and that's all there is to it (Hunter even looks kinda like the girl wearing the turband! Coincidence? I think not!)!

Dion Hamilton de Castro

     Dion Hamilton de Castro is the main dude in Vampiric. He meets Abby in the scene after the prologue, and they have an instant connection. So, here's the outfit:
     I started with a leather, studded skirt, to hint at his bad boy exterior. Next, I found a shirt with more studs on it, and I tucked it in the skirt. Then, I put on a tweed blazer and bow tie because, well, he wears a tweed blazer and a bow tie in his first scene. Then, I added some purple sweater tights and yellow converse sneakers. Lastly, I added vampire mouth earrings to reference his family's generally vampiric (ha ha, puny!) personality; a moonstone ring to hint at his Celtic background; and a heart ring to represent how under his tough, womanizing exterior, he's just a silly romantic.

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Vampiric: Scene One "The Forbidden Bond"

Here's my second installment of Vampiric:


“The Forbidden Bond”

(Setting: In a school. 40 years later. Hallway is Left. Office is Right.)

(At Rise: In b.g., STUDENTS are talking by lockers. ABBY and EMERSON enter Right and walk up to a desk, where SECRETARY is typing)

EMERSON: Don’t be so nervous, Abby. Everyone will love you.

ABBY: I don’t think I can do this. What will everyone think of me? I’m the daughter of the enemy!

EMERSON: Oh, c’mon now. Do you really think that all those students bloody care about something that happened twenty years ago? And what do I always say?

ABBY: Carters never quit, I know.

EMERSON: And you better remember it! You’ll be alright. I’ll see you tonight, love. (exits Right)

ABBY:(goes up to SECRETARY) Excuse me, I'm new. I'm here for my schedule.

SECRETARY: (types on computer) Abbigale Carter, correct?

ABBY: Yes, but I prefer Abby.

SECRETARY: Okay, Abby,(hands ABBY paper) Here's your schedule. Your locker number is 3340, and your first class is Great Leaders Like Us with Mr. Lehrer. Your locker is completely stocked with the necessary books for this semester. Everything is properly sorted and grouped by class.

ABBY: (takes paper) Thanks. Have a nice day!

SECRETARY: You too, sweetie.

(ABBY leaves the office into Hallway toward a locker and takes out books. Pulls out diary and begins writing while walking.)

ABBY: Dear Diary, I am just about to go into my first class as an official student from MAGA. This is the best school in Minnesota. The Americas. The world, even! MAGA has been known to be far ahead of our time in almost all respects. I severely hope that MAGA lives up to its liberal, diverse, and completely bully-free reputation. They haven't disappointed yet. Just walking down this hallway alone, I saw so many ethnicities, it's as if the entire history of the United States of America is walking down this very hall.(ABBY stops, looks at Left, smiles, and starts writing again)And now I just saw two guys holding hands! I love this school!

(DION enters Left and accidentally bumps into ABBY. They both scramble to pick up all the books and papers. In b.g., STUDENTS stop to watch the spectacle, some picking up stray papers. DION and ABBY both reach for the diary, and their hands touch. They look up into each other's eyes. Everyone but DION and ELENA freeze)

ELENA: Ehmagawd!

DION: Elena! What the heck?!

ELENA: Geez, Dion, what’s wrong with wanting to know the details of my brother meeting his future wife just a second after it happens? Ya know, when it’s fresh in your mind? And plus, Grandma wanted me to talk to you.

DION: How do you (pause) whatever, the point is, Elena, you know perfectly well that she can’t be my bond. Not with her dad being the one that turned our dad’s school day into a horror film where this evil creature comes up and terrifies you and there was nothing you could do about it.

ELENA: Oh, c’mon, Dion. Past is past, and now is the beginning of the era of, (beat) Dibby!

DION: Elena, be serious, for once.

ELENA: I am. What happened between her dad and ours doesn’t apply to (beat) Dibby.

DION: Quit saying Dibby! Dibby doesn’t exist, and it never will. Abby and I will only be friends and nothing more. Got it?

ELENA: Dibby friendship?

DION: Elena!

ELENA: Fine, but be warned. Our grandmother said that I needed the help of a bond to get my revenge. You and Abby might be just the couple I’ve been looking for. Don’t ruin this for me!

(ELENA poofs out. STUDENTS unfreeze. ABBY pulls her hand away, takes the diary and stands awkwardly.)

ABBY: Sorry about that. That’s the last time I write and drive. (holds hand out) I’m Abby Carter.

DION: Dion Hamilton de Castro.(takes ABBY’s hand, and kisses it.)

(Lights flicker on and off like mad. SFX: Thunder and wind sounds. STUDENTS scream and run frantically. All but DION and ABBY exit. They both let go of each other’s hands. SFX: Birds chirping. Lights are back to normal.)

ABBY: That. Was. Awesome!


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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Vampiric: Prologue "The Witch's Prophecy"

     Remember that play I told you about? The one called Vampiric? Well, I was eating a hot pocket watching The Amanda Show when I just randomly thought, Hey, why can't I just post it onto Geeky Fashion City scene by scene, you know, to drive you all mad with curiosity? That was a long thought. Well, here it is, word for word from my Google Drive:



The Witch’s Prophecy”

(Setting: A carnival tent. Late at night.)

(At Rise: Curtain is still closed. KARA and ELENA enter.)

ELENA: A life is like a flower,
No matter where it leads,
you’ll always end up with a beautiful flower.

KARA: The stem,
is your lifeline,
always moving towards the sky,
with slight bends as time goes by.

ELENA: The thorns,
are every sadness,
every hatred,
every mistake,
every misfortune,
every heart broken,
every love lost,
or unrequited.

KARA: But the petals,
are every love and friendship,
formed to shadow over,
and resolve,
every sadness,
every hatred,
every mistake,
every misfortune,
every heart broken,
every love lost,
or unrequited.

ELENA & KARA: When the flower dies,
it's a chance to start a new day,
in the garden of life.

(ELENA and KARA exit Right. Curtain opens. ELISABETH is sitting at a large table at Center looking into a crystal ball. HUNTER enters.)

HUNTER: Hello.

ELISABETH: Greetings, dear one. Hunter Jade Lannon, I presume?

HUNTER: How did you know?

ELISABETH: I’m a witch, dear. I know everything. (takes HUNTER’s arm and sets her down) Sit down, my dear. Ask me any question, and it shall be answered.

HUNTER: Hmmm. (beat) What does the future hold?

ELISABETH: I don’t think you’re going to like the answer to this one.

HUNTER: Oh, c’mon! You just don’t want me to see how much of a big phony you are!

ELISABETH: Well, if you insist, I’ll tell you. (clears throat) Two hundred moons after the new millennia, on a night such as this, a child shall be born from a changeling and a royal. Beware her, for, with the help of a bond, she shall get her vengeance on man.

(HUNTER hears screaming and exits Right)


Awesome or what?

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Fashionable Fiction: Elisabeth Hamilton

     Remember that play I'm working on, Vampiric? I did a "Fashionable Fiction" post on one of the main girls, Abby Carter. 

     Remember the crazy lady who's grandson, Dion, falls in love with Abby? Well, now I'm doing a post on her! Here it is:

Outfit Inspiration

Elisabeth Hamilton

     First, I found this photo that was in Vogue or something, and I just thought, That's so Elisabeth! Therefore, I added it! Next, taking inspiration from the photo, I added a black maxi dress and a fur coat. Then, I added some witchy red shoes she would totally wear. Lastly, I added a dragon earring; a ring that nods to her Celtic background; a headband with a witch hat, for a more literal addition; and a cuff that nods to a scene she's in that's inspired by Macbeth.

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Polyvore Find: Rasta and Reggae Dolmen Top

     Sometimes, on Polyvore, I see stuff that I wish I had, but I don't. Sometimes, I make sets out of them. Like this one:

Outfit Inspiration

Polyvore Find

     First, I found this really cute top, and I paired it with a red pencil skirt. Next, I added green knee socks and yellow heels. Then, I added a green cuff, a yellow bangle, and a red bracelet. I finished off with yellow earrings and a green satchel.

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