Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fashionable Fiction: Hunter Jade Lannon & Dion Hamilton de Castro

     For this installment of Fashionable Fiction, I decided to do two of the characters introduced on Vampiric. Here's some more fashion inspired by the characters of Vampiric. Enjoy!

Outfit Inspiration

Hunter Jade Lannon

     Hunter is basically Elisabeth's lackey; she practically worships her! She left her family and friends behind to train to be a witch from the very best, Elisabeth Hamilton.
      I started with a military vest that just screamed Hunter. Next, I added a blue lace dress that she would totally wear. Then, I put on black knee socks, some Converse, and a turband, and that's all there is to it (Hunter even looks kinda like the girl wearing the turband! Coincidence? I think not!)!

Dion Hamilton de Castro

     Dion Hamilton de Castro is the main dude in Vampiric. He meets Abby in the scene after the prologue, and they have an instant connection. So, here's the outfit:
     I started with a leather, studded skirt, to hint at his bad boy exterior. Next, I found a shirt with more studs on it, and I tucked it in the skirt. Then, I put on a tweed blazer and bow tie because, well, he wears a tweed blazer and a bow tie in his first scene. Then, I added some purple sweater tights and yellow converse sneakers. Lastly, I added vampire mouth earrings to reference his family's generally vampiric (ha ha, puny!) personality; a moonstone ring to hint at his Celtic background; and a heart ring to represent how under his tough, womanizing exterior, he's just a silly romantic.

Love it? Hate it? Comment!


  1. Hey Kat! It's Cole here. Just got a little bit of a fault with your blog. It's an outfit for a boy but, there's a skirt, earrings, and girly rings. Was that the point. I'm just not seeing it on a guy...unless it's Kurt from Glee!!!! HAHAHA!!! :D

    1. The outfit is for a girl, Cole. It's just based upon a boy character.