Friday, November 9, 2012

Fashionable Fiction: Elisabeth Hamilton

     Remember that play I'm working on, Vampiric? I did a "Fashionable Fiction" post on one of the main girls, Abby Carter. 

     Remember the crazy lady who's grandson, Dion, falls in love with Abby? Well, now I'm doing a post on her! Here it is:

Outfit Inspiration

Elisabeth Hamilton

     First, I found this photo that was in Vogue or something, and I just thought, That's so Elisabeth! Therefore, I added it! Next, taking inspiration from the photo, I added a black maxi dress and a fur coat. Then, I added some witchy red shoes she would totally wear. Lastly, I added a dragon earring; a ring that nods to her Celtic background; a headband with a witch hat, for a more literal addition; and a cuff that nods to a scene she's in that's inspired by Macbeth.

Love it? Hate it? Comment!

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