Monday, November 12, 2012

Vampiric: Scene 2 "Mythology...I Think"


“Mythology...I Think”

(Setting: Mr. Lehrer’s classroom. 10 minutes later.)

(At Rise: ABBY is sitting at a desk, writing. STUDENTS are mumbling to each other. ELENA is talking to KARA.)

ABBY: Dear Diary, the weirdest and greatest thing happened to me on my way to class. It was just after I stopped my last entry. Okay, so I’m on my way to class, right? Well, this really cute guy bumped into me and sent my papers and books flying everywhere. I was just about to grab you when he reached for you at the same time and (beat) our hands touched. I sorta felt a teeny-weeny spark between us. I know, I know, I’m such a romantic, but it’s true! But then, after I introduced myself and we started shaking hands, it started thundering out! The lights were turning on and off and on and off, the windows flew open, really strong winds were swirling around, and all the students were running around like chickens with their heads cut off! (beat) It was so cool! His name’s Dion. He has really big blue eyes, (beat) or are they grey? Green? I don’t know, some combination of the three.

(MR. LEHRER enters Right)

ABBY: Uh, oh. Time for class! (puts diary away)

MR. LEHRER: (writes Cyrano Zaman Lehrer on the board) Cyrano Zaman Lehrer. The male name Cyrano was possibly derived from the name of the ancient Greek city of Cyrene, which was located in North Africa. Edmond Rostand also used this name in his play Cyrano de Bergerac in 1897. He based his character upon a real person, Savinien Cyrano de Bergerac, a French satirist of the 17th century. And Zaman means time, age, or era in Arabic. Lehrer is a German surname meaning teacher, which works out for me. Anyway, I’m Mr. Lehrer, and I’m your GLLU teacher. Anyone want to know ahead of time what we will be learning about?

(ABBY raises hand)

MR. LEHRER: Yes, Miss Carter?

ABBY: Can you give us an example of a leader we will be learning about?

MR. LEHRER: Sure, Abby. I love answering this question. This one woman that we will be learning about in the coming weeks was a dear friend of mine before (beat) her untimely death. Her name was Elisabeth Hamilton. Yes, the Hamilton in Hamilton de Castro, the surname of our two (beat) stars on the rise. Born Elisabeth Arlette Marseille on April 22, 1338 in Marseille, France, does anyone know how old she would be if she were alive today?

(ALL STUDENTS raise hands)

MR. LEHRER: Okay, lets see, hmmm. (beat) How about you, Miss Martinez?

KARA: six hundred and ninety four years old.

MR. LEHRER: Yes. That’s correct, Kara. Her parents died in the Black Plague, but she survived because of what?

(ELENA raises hand)

MR. LEHRER: Yes, Miss Hamilton de Castro?

ELENA: the Blood Transformation.

MR. LEHRER: Correct. Would you care to explain what that is?

ELENA: Certainly. The Blood Transformation is when you have Gallagher blood in your system and you die, turning into a Gallagher. Or a faux Gallagher, to be more precise about it.

MR. LEHRER: Yes, Elena, but the Blood Transformation doesn’t only apply to a faux Gallagher. When someone who has a close biological relation to a Gallagher, it’s just the same. Either that, or you're born one. That’s what most of you had. But anyway, back to Lis. She spent centuries traveling around the world, staying forever as a twenty-something. Christopher Columbus was one of her first courtships, you know. But, soon, she will be haunted by visions of a man. The man she will marry. It’s quite the tragedy, really, for she even knew the date, time, and even the weather on the day that she would be violently murdered. In the early 1990’s, her vision of the man comes true. His name is Phillip Hamilton, a normie.

(All gasp)

MR. LEHRER: Are you done?

(All nod)

MR. LEHRER: Very well. As I was saying, they were married in 1992, and had their first and only daughter, Katerina, in 1994. Like all mothers, she wanted her daughter to be safe and happy. But one thing she wanted for her--the thing that she would eventually die to get for her--was love. So she...(looks at clock) Oh, how time goes fast! It’s time for your next class! See you all tomorrow!

(All except ABBY leaves. She picks up diary and starts writing)

ABBY: Dear Diary, I think I got more than I bargained for when I applied for a scholarship here. Let’s just say, this place is big on mythology.


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