Sunday, November 11, 2012

Vampiric: Scene One "The Forbidden Bond"

Here's my second installment of Vampiric:


“The Forbidden Bond”

(Setting: In a school. 40 years later. Hallway is Left. Office is Right.)

(At Rise: In b.g., STUDENTS are talking by lockers. ABBY and EMERSON enter Right and walk up to a desk, where SECRETARY is typing)

EMERSON: Don’t be so nervous, Abby. Everyone will love you.

ABBY: I don’t think I can do this. What will everyone think of me? I’m the daughter of the enemy!

EMERSON: Oh, c’mon now. Do you really think that all those students bloody care about something that happened twenty years ago? And what do I always say?

ABBY: Carters never quit, I know.

EMERSON: And you better remember it! You’ll be alright. I’ll see you tonight, love. (exits Right)

ABBY:(goes up to SECRETARY) Excuse me, I'm new. I'm here for my schedule.

SECRETARY: (types on computer) Abbigale Carter, correct?

ABBY: Yes, but I prefer Abby.

SECRETARY: Okay, Abby,(hands ABBY paper) Here's your schedule. Your locker number is 3340, and your first class is Great Leaders Like Us with Mr. Lehrer. Your locker is completely stocked with the necessary books for this semester. Everything is properly sorted and grouped by class.

ABBY: (takes paper) Thanks. Have a nice day!

SECRETARY: You too, sweetie.

(ABBY leaves the office into Hallway toward a locker and takes out books. Pulls out diary and begins writing while walking.)

ABBY: Dear Diary, I am just about to go into my first class as an official student from MAGA. This is the best school in Minnesota. The Americas. The world, even! MAGA has been known to be far ahead of our time in almost all respects. I severely hope that MAGA lives up to its liberal, diverse, and completely bully-free reputation. They haven't disappointed yet. Just walking down this hallway alone, I saw so many ethnicities, it's as if the entire history of the United States of America is walking down this very hall.(ABBY stops, looks at Left, smiles, and starts writing again)And now I just saw two guys holding hands! I love this school!

(DION enters Left and accidentally bumps into ABBY. They both scramble to pick up all the books and papers. In b.g., STUDENTS stop to watch the spectacle, some picking up stray papers. DION and ABBY both reach for the diary, and their hands touch. They look up into each other's eyes. Everyone but DION and ELENA freeze)

ELENA: Ehmagawd!

DION: Elena! What the heck?!

ELENA: Geez, Dion, what’s wrong with wanting to know the details of my brother meeting his future wife just a second after it happens? Ya know, when it’s fresh in your mind? And plus, Grandma wanted me to talk to you.

DION: How do you (pause) whatever, the point is, Elena, you know perfectly well that she can’t be my bond. Not with her dad being the one that turned our dad’s school day into a horror film where this evil creature comes up and terrifies you and there was nothing you could do about it.

ELENA: Oh, c’mon, Dion. Past is past, and now is the beginning of the era of, (beat) Dibby!

DION: Elena, be serious, for once.

ELENA: I am. What happened between her dad and ours doesn’t apply to (beat) Dibby.

DION: Quit saying Dibby! Dibby doesn’t exist, and it never will. Abby and I will only be friends and nothing more. Got it?

ELENA: Dibby friendship?

DION: Elena!

ELENA: Fine, but be warned. Our grandmother said that I needed the help of a bond to get my revenge. You and Abby might be just the couple I’ve been looking for. Don’t ruin this for me!

(ELENA poofs out. STUDENTS unfreeze. ABBY pulls her hand away, takes the diary and stands awkwardly.)

ABBY: Sorry about that. That’s the last time I write and drive. (holds hand out) I’m Abby Carter.

DION: Dion Hamilton de Castro.(takes ABBY’s hand, and kisses it.)

(Lights flicker on and off like mad. SFX: Thunder and wind sounds. STUDENTS scream and run frantically. All but DION and ABBY exit. They both let go of each other’s hands. SFX: Birds chirping. Lights are back to normal.)

ABBY: That. Was. Awesome!


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