Monday, October 29, 2012

Fashionable Fiction: Abby Carter

     As you may know by now, sometimes I think of stories, and I sometimes post them on this blog; sometimes, just a character inspires me, which is why I'm now going to post an outfit that was inspired by a character in a play I'm working on named Abby Carter. See the outfit below.

About Abby Carter

     Abby Carter is the main red-head in my play Vampiric. At the beginning, she transfers to a new school and immediately goes into full-on crush mode when she meets Dion Hamilton de Castro, the son of the critically-acclaimed novelist Katerina Hamilton and the locally famous artist Barrett de Castro. Little does she know that her family and his don't exactly have the best history, like when Dion's grandmother, Elisabeth, possessed her father's body and tried to kill him. Yep, it's that kind of story! Now, for the fashion!
Abby Carter

          I pictured Abby sitting in the woods with her best friend Elena, who's also Dion's nosy, slightly manipulative witch of a twin sister. Seriously, she's a witch! You know what else? Abby was wearing an outfit just like this! First, I started out with a pair of leather pants. Next, I found a swingy, romantic blouse to soften the look of the leather pants. Then, I found these awesome floral-print, slightly demented boots that are the perfect shoes for this outfit. Finally, I put on a pearl ring, pearl bracelet, pearl stud earrings, and stacks and stacks of pearl necklaces, one of them being a cameo that was given to her by her mother (or her father, could be either), Emerson, who has her own dark secrets, like she's a Shadow-woman, a creature that can travel through time and space as either a black, gas-like fog, or a black, evil-looking crow.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How Success Makes One Want More

I was going to enter this into a contest, but I missed the deadline. So, I'm gonna share it with you all...whoever you are. Hope you like it:

I threw my purse on the floor and burst into tears. I fell to the floor, not caring that my mascara was now dripping down my makeup caked face onto the dark hardwood floor of my study. I crawled to the closet, and took out the lacy, baby blue quilted scrapbook.

The book opened to a picture of my Kayden. He was so angelic, just as beautiful as he was in Vitamante. He was so lively; he is lively. He has my dark curls and eyes that constantly change from blue to green to grey. He was the child that I always wanted.

A little less than twenty years ago today, I was on top of the world. I was the only person ever to remember living in Vitamante, and I was the only person able to travel there and back with ease. I was the very symbol of success. I ate, drank, and breathed success. I was worshipped by all who inhabited Vitamante; they would kiss my boot as I walked by, but I wanted more. I wanted a husband; I wanted a child, who would remember Vitamante as clearly as I would, be able to go there as easily as I was able, and who would be just as worshiped there as I was.

My intentions didn’t seem selfish at first. It seemed more like human nature than anything else. I would have never guessed that Kornelius, Kayden in Vitamante, would be one of the chosen few every century or so to fall in love. Then I came into the picture. I had taken him from his Wisdom and brought him to a world where people fall in love so often that many people think they can control it.

I opened the creaky drawer of my old mahogany desk, and took out a large, old knife. As I did this, my quill stood straight up in the air, unsupported by the human hand. As I lay on my bed, the quill writes these last words over and over on the off-white parchment: I had success, but wanted more; now I pay the price.

Wasn't that epic or what?

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fashionable Fiction: If Only I Had Listened

     Remember that poem I posted three hours ago? Well, now I'm going to post an outfit inspired by it! Scroll on to see it!

Outfit Inspiration

If Only I Had Listened

     First, I started with a flowy white dress that I would picture a ghost wearing. Next, I added an ornate headband and a pearl bracelet to continue the ethereal vibe. Now, lets toughen this look up a bit! Then, I added striped tights that make me think of Beetlejuice and some studded boots to represent the tougher side of the poem. Then, I added a necklace that both adds another gothic touch and references the simile about the blue jay. I finished it off with a skull ring to add to further explain that the narrator of this poem is dead, if you haven't already figured that out, and a pair of gothic cross earrings.

Love it? Hate it?


Poem Time!: If Only I Had Listened

     This is a poem I wrote a while back. I hope you like it!

A witch’s curse would have gone unsaid,

If only I had listened,

Chaos would cease among the day,

If only I had listened,

The leaves wouldn’t run,

The wind wouldn’t howl in agony,

If only I had listened,

My child would never have been discredited,

If only I had listened.


If I had listened,

The child would know little more that those neanderthals,

Be just as prejudiced and petty.

If I had listened,

My child would not know how to faithfully love,

Or cherish.

My child would have never met their intended,

With curls of ebony and eyes of the deepest hazel,

Voice a chorus of blue jays.

So in some ways,

It is good I hadn’t listened,

But in some ways,

It is also bad I hadn’t listened.

If I had listened,

I wouldn’t be buried deep in the ground,

Under a grave.

I wouldn’t be stuck,

Long forgotten,

Nothing to do but wander night,

and await for new beginnings.

Oh, if only I had listened!

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

GeekyGal's Styling: Velvet Maxi Skirt

     While on Polyvore yesterday, I saw a question on how to pull off a velvet maxi skirt. It already ended, of course, but I still wanted to put a GeekyGal spin on it. 

     I created a set featuring it that I thought would be perfect for when you have to dress up, but you don't feel like wearing a dress.

Outfit Inspiration

Geekygal's Styling: Velvet Maxi Skirt

First, I started off with a velvet maxi skirt. Next, I added a collared shirt from Hollister buttoned all the way up and tucked it into the skirt. Then, I took a hair bow and put it on the shirt like a bow tie. I finished off with a pair of black heels and a veiled headband.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Favorite Color: Pink!

     I admit it. I am in love with pink. I've loved pink ever since I first saw Legally Blonde. I own more pink than possibly any other color besides black. I also love black and pink together.

     I think you get it now. So, I decided to make an outfit around this pink dress from American Eagle, and add some menswear-inspired touches. Hope you like it!

Outfit Inspiration

My Favorite Color: Pink!

     First, I chose this dress because it's pretty. Next, I put a white collared shirt under it and added an aquamarine tie. Finally, I selected black knee socks with barely-there stripes and added my neon pink Reeboks that I actually own and wear a lot! They're perfect for lazy days, without sweatpants! Huge public fashion no-no! You can wear them at the gym, but other than that, no-no!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

Fashionable Fiction: Eliza and the Lost Earring

     You know what the best place to get fashion inspiration is? Your mind. Who knows what you can come up with? For example, when I'm bored, I just think of stuff, or, as normal people may call it, daydreaming. A little while back, I had imagined a story based off of the Phantom of the Opera...and Cinderella. The story is about this girl named Tamara who gets into a fire when she's five, leaving her with no parents and a huge burn on the side of her face, onto her shoulder, and down to about her elbow. 

     Ten years later, Tamara was forced to go to a school dance with her best friend Analyn. When she's there, she meets a recently dumped wallflower named Michael. He asked her to dance, and she said yes; the rest is history. Then, when the clock struck twelve, she hurried from the building, only leaving behind an earring.

     Down here, this is roughly what I imagined Eliza was wearing to the dance. It would be perfect for a costume party, or even prom or any other school dance or special, non-Halloween event if you're daring. Check it out:

Eliza's Dance Outfit

     First, I started off with a one-shoulder dress to cover her burns. Next, I found a mask that covers the burned half of her face. Then, I added black and white striped tights and gold high top Reeboks, because you can't really run to meet your curfew in stilettos without breaking your ankle; plus, they're cool. I have a pair in neon pink. Seriously.

     Finally, I accessorized with a tiny clutch bag and eclectic stacks of rings. Don't forget the 'lost earring'...or earring cuff, to be exact.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fashion Inspired by...Magpie

     Hello, again. I know I said that I would do my first ever official blog post tomorrow, but I couldn't wait! 

     I decided to do a fashion post inspired by my kitten, Magpie. Her name used to be Harper, but we changed it to Magpie. She's cute and fuzzy, but she scratches and bites, with only the occasional snuggle in the mornings.

Magpie! So cute, but deadly!

Outfit Inspiration

     For my look inspired by Magpie, I started out with a pretty polka-dot dress from Choie's to pick up on her sweet side. Then, I added a big pearl necklace from ASOS to continue the sweet vibe. Then, I added a (faux) leather jacket from H&M to show the side of Magpie that bites, chews, and scratches everything, even me! Then, I added ripped tights from Topshop. I added a flower ring from Amazon, and, for a more literal addition, I added some Betsy Johnson cat earrings from Piperlime. Then, I finished off with a zebra turband referencing her colors and some cute saddle shoes.


Chiffon dress

Ripped stocking

Betsey johnson earrings

Hair accessory

Any recommendations for future blog posts?

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