Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Vampiric: Scene Four "The Dream Boy"


“The Dream Boy”

(Setting: ELENA’s bedroom. 37 years later.)

(At Rise: ELENA is sitting on her bed at Center, reading. BADE is outside her window, tapping on the glass.)

ELENA: (not looking up) I’m not letting you in.

BADE: Please? I just want to talk.

ELENA: (looking up) What is there to talk about, Bade? You’re sick of me, and I understand that. What more is there to say?

BADE: Is that what you thought I was going to say? Elle, I--

ELENA: Oh, Bade, what were you going to say yesterday? Please, enlighten me!

BADE: I was going to say that I was falling in love with you! That I thought about you everyday, and that I wouldn’t even think about looking at any other girl. I’m not exactly the smartest, the richest, the most handsome, most athletic, but I could make you happy if I tried! So, what do you say?

ELENA: (pause) That was very sweet, but if my dad saw you here, he’d probably shoot you!

(BADE gives her the puppy-dog eyes)

ELENA: (pause) Oh, alright! Come in.

(ELENA opens the window, letting BADE in.)

BADE: Thanks. It was getting cold out there.

ELENA: It’s awful out there! All that snow!

BADE: I know!

ELENA: I love sitting in front of the fire on nights like this, with a cup of hot cocoa.

BADE: Me, too.

ELENA: And my parents singing ‘Baby, it’s cold outside’ and ‘Let it Snow’. There’s just something about the way their voices just (pause) fit together. It’s like (pause) like they're made for each other and only for each other, but anyway, Dion and I sitting around the white plastic Christmas tree, opening gifts. Even my parents’ anniversary is on Christmas Eve. (pause) Wait, I thought it was September?

(BADE smiles mischievously)

ELENA: (gasps) You little vixen! You made it winter so I would let you in sooner!

BADE: Hey, don’t go blaming me. It’s your dream, honey!

(ELENA kisses BADE)

BADE: I love you, Elle.

ELENA: (surprised) I love you too. (beat) I got something for you. (hands BADE a box)

BADE: (opens box) Oh, Elle, it’s beautiful. I love it, but how could you afford this?

ELENA: It’s my dream, remember?

BADE: But seriously, Elle. A Cartier watch? Isn’t that a bit much?

ELENA: Nothing’s too much for you, gorgeous.

BADE: But Elle--

ELENA: (puts finger on BADE’s mouth) Stop worrying. In my world, giving people gifts is one of the many ways you tell someone you appreciate them, and I appreciate you.

(ELENA and BADE kiss)


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