Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Favorite Color: Pink!

     I admit it. I am in love with pink. I've loved pink ever since I first saw Legally Blonde. I own more pink than possibly any other color besides black. I also love black and pink together.

     I think you get it now. So, I decided to make an outfit around this pink dress from American Eagle, and add some menswear-inspired touches. Hope you like it!

Outfit Inspiration

My Favorite Color: Pink!

     First, I chose this dress because it's pretty. Next, I put a white collared shirt under it and added an aquamarine tie. Finally, I selected black knee socks with barely-there stripes and added my neon pink Reeboks that I actually own and wear a lot! They're perfect for lazy days, without sweatpants! Huge public fashion no-no! You can wear them at the gym, but other than that, no-no!

Like it? Hate it? COMMENT! (please)

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