Monday, October 29, 2012

Fashionable Fiction: Abby Carter

     As you may know by now, sometimes I think of stories, and I sometimes post them on this blog; sometimes, just a character inspires me, which is why I'm now going to post an outfit that was inspired by a character in a play I'm working on named Abby Carter. See the outfit below.

About Abby Carter

     Abby Carter is the main red-head in my play Vampiric. At the beginning, she transfers to a new school and immediately goes into full-on crush mode when she meets Dion Hamilton de Castro, the son of the critically-acclaimed novelist Katerina Hamilton and the locally famous artist Barrett de Castro. Little does she know that her family and his don't exactly have the best history, like when Dion's grandmother, Elisabeth, possessed her father's body and tried to kill him. Yep, it's that kind of story! Now, for the fashion!
Abby Carter

          I pictured Abby sitting in the woods with her best friend Elena, who's also Dion's nosy, slightly manipulative witch of a twin sister. Seriously, she's a witch! You know what else? Abby was wearing an outfit just like this! First, I started out with a pair of leather pants. Next, I found a swingy, romantic blouse to soften the look of the leather pants. Then, I found these awesome floral-print, slightly demented boots that are the perfect shoes for this outfit. Finally, I put on a pearl ring, pearl bracelet, pearl stud earrings, and stacks and stacks of pearl necklaces, one of them being a cameo that was given to her by her mother (or her father, could be either), Emerson, who has her own dark secrets, like she's a Shadow-woman, a creature that can travel through time and space as either a black, gas-like fog, or a black, evil-looking crow.

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