Monday, October 15, 2012

Fashionable Fiction: Eliza and the Lost Earring

     You know what the best place to get fashion inspiration is? Your mind. Who knows what you can come up with? For example, when I'm bored, I just think of stuff, or, as normal people may call it, daydreaming. A little while back, I had imagined a story based off of the Phantom of the Opera...and Cinderella. The story is about this girl named Tamara who gets into a fire when she's five, leaving her with no parents and a huge burn on the side of her face, onto her shoulder, and down to about her elbow. 

     Ten years later, Tamara was forced to go to a school dance with her best friend Analyn. When she's there, she meets a recently dumped wallflower named Michael. He asked her to dance, and she said yes; the rest is history. Then, when the clock struck twelve, she hurried from the building, only leaving behind an earring.

     Down here, this is roughly what I imagined Eliza was wearing to the dance. It would be perfect for a costume party, or even prom or any other school dance or special, non-Halloween event if you're daring. Check it out:

Eliza's Dance Outfit

     First, I started off with a one-shoulder dress to cover her burns. Next, I found a mask that covers the burned half of her face. Then, I added black and white striped tights and gold high top Reeboks, because you can't really run to meet your curfew in stilettos without breaking your ankle; plus, they're cool. I have a pair in neon pink. Seriously.

     Finally, I accessorized with a tiny clutch bag and eclectic stacks of rings. Don't forget the 'lost earring'...or earring cuff, to be exact.

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