Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How Success Makes One Want More

I was going to enter this into a contest, but I missed the deadline. So, I'm gonna share it with you all...whoever you are. Hope you like it:

I threw my purse on the floor and burst into tears. I fell to the floor, not caring that my mascara was now dripping down my makeup caked face onto the dark hardwood floor of my study. I crawled to the closet, and took out the lacy, baby blue quilted scrapbook.

The book opened to a picture of my Kayden. He was so angelic, just as beautiful as he was in Vitamante. He was so lively; he is lively. He has my dark curls and eyes that constantly change from blue to green to grey. He was the child that I always wanted.

A little less than twenty years ago today, I was on top of the world. I was the only person ever to remember living in Vitamante, and I was the only person able to travel there and back with ease. I was the very symbol of success. I ate, drank, and breathed success. I was worshipped by all who inhabited Vitamante; they would kiss my boot as I walked by, but I wanted more. I wanted a husband; I wanted a child, who would remember Vitamante as clearly as I would, be able to go there as easily as I was able, and who would be just as worshiped there as I was.

My intentions didn’t seem selfish at first. It seemed more like human nature than anything else. I would have never guessed that Kornelius, Kayden in Vitamante, would be one of the chosen few every century or so to fall in love. Then I came into the picture. I had taken him from his Wisdom and brought him to a world where people fall in love so often that many people think they can control it.

I opened the creaky drawer of my old mahogany desk, and took out a large, old knife. As I did this, my quill stood straight up in the air, unsupported by the human hand. As I lay on my bed, the quill writes these last words over and over on the off-white parchment: I had success, but wanted more; now I pay the price.

Wasn't that epic or what?

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