Saturday, October 20, 2012

Poem Time!: If Only I Had Listened

     This is a poem I wrote a while back. I hope you like it!

A witch’s curse would have gone unsaid,

If only I had listened,

Chaos would cease among the day,

If only I had listened,

The leaves wouldn’t run,

The wind wouldn’t howl in agony,

If only I had listened,

My child would never have been discredited,

If only I had listened.


If I had listened,

The child would know little more that those neanderthals,

Be just as prejudiced and petty.

If I had listened,

My child would not know how to faithfully love,

Or cherish.

My child would have never met their intended,

With curls of ebony and eyes of the deepest hazel,

Voice a chorus of blue jays.

So in some ways,

It is good I hadn’t listened,

But in some ways,

It is also bad I hadn’t listened.

If I had listened,

I wouldn’t be buried deep in the ground,

Under a grave.

I wouldn’t be stuck,

Long forgotten,

Nothing to do but wander night,

and await for new beginnings.

Oh, if only I had listened!

Love it? Hate it?

Comment, please!

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