Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fashion Inspired by...Magpie

     Hello, again. I know I said that I would do my first ever official blog post tomorrow, but I couldn't wait! 

     I decided to do a fashion post inspired by my kitten, Magpie. Her name used to be Harper, but we changed it to Magpie. She's cute and fuzzy, but she scratches and bites, with only the occasional snuggle in the mornings.

Magpie! So cute, but deadly!

Outfit Inspiration

     For my look inspired by Magpie, I started out with a pretty polka-dot dress from Choie's to pick up on her sweet side. Then, I added a big pearl necklace from ASOS to continue the sweet vibe. Then, I added a (faux) leather jacket from H&M to show the side of Magpie that bites, chews, and scratches everything, even me! Then, I added ripped tights from Topshop. I added a flower ring from Amazon, and, for a more literal addition, I added some Betsy Johnson cat earrings from Piperlime. Then, I finished off with a zebra turband referencing her colors and some cute saddle shoes.


Chiffon dress

Ripped stocking

Betsey johnson earrings

Hair accessory

Any recommendations for future blog posts?

   Just comment for more fashion stuff you want to see!

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